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JEDI Windows Security Library BETA 

The JEDI Windows Security Library or JWSCL is a collection of classes that encapsulates Microsoft Windows security functions in an object oriented way. The goal of this project is to make security programming easier to Delphi programmers. An overview of the features is available

This approach includes conveniences such as internal memory management used for API calls. The memory allocation and deallocation for these calls is done internally by JWSCL with content check. Furthermore, programmers can use Delphi Strings (ANSI and WideString) in all function calls that require string manipulation. 

JWSCL also makes possible to retrieve WinAPI structures easily. Such structures can be used in other WinAPI calls (e.g. TJwSecurityDescriptor.Create_SD). In cases like these the caller has to free the memory using a counter part function (e.g. TJwSecurityDescriptor.Free_SD). 

API functions are wrapped together in classes to diminish initialization that consumes a great amount of the programmer's time. All the programmer has to do is instantiate the class, use the class and free the class instance after she is done using it. 

This library has beta status but it does not mean that there are major problems to be expected. It means that not all features are tested well and radical changes may break source compatibility (e.g. changing names). 

It is not the goal of the JWSCL to teach Delphi programmers how to write Windows security programs or create secure Windows applications. The programmer has to have understanding of the Windows security model to use the JWSCL classes - she must know what tokens, principals, secure objects, sessions and so on are. 

On the other hand if you want to test the software by creating test cases (module, function, class, integration testing) you are welcome to do so. With good tests cases we can improve the overall quality of the JWSCL. 


The following table shows supported Delphi versions:

Supported Delphi versions 
JEDI Windows API Header Conversions 
Delphi 5 to Delphi 2010
(We also support ANSI calls in Version>= 2009) 
JEDI Windows Security Library 
Delphi 5 to Delphi XE (Version<= 0.92a)
Delphi 6 to Delphi XE (Version >= 0.93)
(JWSCL also supports ANSI calls in Version >= 2009) 


For information about license facts see License page

Do not forget to send bugs, comments or greetings to the authors. 



Christian Wimmer – mail[\at/]delphi-jedi[dot.]net 

Stuttgart, Germany 


Contributors (in alphabetical order)

  • Philip Dittmann
  • Danila Galimov
  • Binh Ly (ComLib.pas)
  • Remko Weijnen


In Memory Of Robert Marquardt 


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The following list is an overview of the features of JWSCL (Current date: 22th Febr. 2010).

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