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TJwSimpleDescriptor Class
TJwSimpleDescriptor = class;

TJwSimpleDescriptor implements a simplier version of a security descriptor. It only supports :

  • discretionary access control list
  • owner
  • allow access control entries
  • deny access control entries
  • access rights
  • static security attributes (managed by class)
The class does not support:
  • inheritance
  • group
  • access control entry flags

Create creates a new TJwSimpleDescriptor instance and initializes an empty security descriptor. It contains:
  • an empty DACL which denies all access
  • an empty owner - property Owner is nil.
This is Destroy, a member of class TJwSimpleDescriptor. 
The following tables list the members exposed by TJwSimpleDescriptor. 
The methods of the TJwSimpleDescriptor class are listed here. 
The properties of the TJwSimpleDescriptor class are listed here. 
This is the overview for the Allow method overload. 
This is the overview for the Deny method overload. 
This is the overview for the SetOwner method overload. 
Used in the SecurityAttributes property to set the InheritHandle member of the structure 
Owner returns the internal representation of the owner of the security descriptor. The property returns nil if the owner was not set previously. 
Used in the SecurityAttributes property to create a relative security descriptor (true) otherwise an aboluste sd (false). 
SecurityAttributes returns a security attribute structure that must not be freed. Each call of this property generates a new pointer to a data structure. The previous structure is freed and thus made invalid. 
Returns a the internal presentation of a JWSCL security descriptor class. It can be used with other JWSCL methods. Do not free it! 
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