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TJwSecurityIdList Class
TJwSecurityIdList = class(TObjectList);

TJwSecurityIdList is a class that contains a list of SIDs instances. The SID instances can be freed automatically at the end of the list instance.

This is the overview for the Create constructor overload. 
The following tables list the members exposed by TJwSecurityIdList. 
The methods of the TJwSecurityIdList class are listed here. 
The properties of the TJwSecurityIdList class are listed here. 
Add adds a SID instance to end end of the list  
This is Assign, a member of class TJwSecurityIdList. 
Create_PSID_Array creates an array of "SID and Attributes" structures. The return value must be freed by Free_PSID_Array. The attributes of the SIDs are also saved in the newly created structure.
The array consists of two structues :
  1. SidAndAttributes
  2. Pointers to SIDs in SidAndAttributes.SID

Create_PTOKEN_GROUPS creates a token groups structure using the SIDs in the list of the instance. The attributes of the SIDs are also saved in the newly created structure. Use Free_PTOKEN_GROUPS to free the structure. 
FindSid seeks for a given SID using its identifier. The function does not raise an exception.
First returns the first SID from the list.  
Free_PSID_Array frees a "SID and Attributes" structures created by Create_PSID_Array.  
Free_PTOKEN_GROUPS frees the memory of a token groups structure that was created by Create_PTOKEN_GROUPS. The parameter will be nil afterwards. 
GetText returns a string that contains for each list entry (SID) a text that contains domain, account name and humand readable SID structure. The form is "[domain@]name (S-1-XXXXXX)" where [] is optional. Every SID string is seperated by #13#10. 
IndexOf returns the list index of a SID from the list. The SID instance is searched not the ID. To find an equal SID use FindSid.  
Insert inserts a SID into the list.  
Last returns the last SID of the list. If the list is empty the return value is nil. 
PSID_Array_Count returns then umber of Sids in a structure created by Create_PSID_Array
Remove removes a SID from the list. If the List owns the object the SID will also be freed. The special SIDs in JwsclKnownSids will not be freed but removed from list!
Items[Index gives the possibility to access every SID in the list. However the entries cannot be reset.
Do not free a SID through this property. Use instead Remove
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