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TJwCryptKey.ExportKey Method (TJwCryptKey, TJwKeyExportKind, TJwKeyFlagSet, Pointer, Cardinal)
procedure ExportKey(ExpKey: TJwCryptKey; BlobType: TJwKeyExportKind; Flags: TJwKeyFlagSet; Blob: Pointer; var BlobLen: Cardinal); overload;
ExpKey: TJwCryptKey 
The key with which the data blob is encrypted. It depends on BlobType and the CSP which keys, and wether nil keys, are allowed.  
BlobType: TJwKeyExportKind 
Specifies how the key should be exported.  
Flags: TJwKeyFlagSet 
Export flags  
Blob: Pointer 
The blob in which the export data is stored  
var BlobLen: Cardinal 
Specify the size of Blob here. it will be set to the actual length of the exported key upon return. An exception will be raised if BlobLen is to small. 

Exports the key to a data blob

will be raised if the underlying Windows call fails becaus the specified buffer is to small or for other reasons. 
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