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TJwCryptKey.ExportKey Method (TJwCryptKey, TJwKeyExportKind, TJwKeyFlagSet, Cardinal)
function ExportKey(ExpKey: TJwCryptKey; BlobType: TJwKeyExportKind; Flags: TJwKeyFlagSet; out BlobLen: Cardinal): Pointer; overload;
ExpKey: TJwCryptKey 
The key with which the data blob is encrypted. It depends on BlobType and the CSP which keys, and whether nil keys, are allowed.  
BlobType: TJwKeyExportKind 
Specifies how the key should be exported.  
Flags: TJwKeyFlagSet 
Export flags  
out BlobLen: Cardinal 
This parameter will be set to the size of the returned data blob.  

A pointer to the allocated data blob with the key data is returned. You have to free the blob using FreeBuffer when it is no longer needed.

Exports the key to a data blob which is returned. It must be freed using FreeBuffer .

will be raised if the underlying Windows call fails. 
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