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TJwCryptKey.Decrypt Method
procedure Decrypt(const Hash: TJwHash; FinalBlock: Boolean; Flags: TJwKeyFlagSet; Data: Pointer; var DataLen: Cardinal); overload;
const Hash: TJwHash 
Specify an instance of TJwHash to decrypt and hash data simultaneously, e.g. for verifying a signature. This parameter can be nil.  
FinalBlock: Boolean 
Use this parameter to indicate that this is the last block in a stream of data to decrypt.  
Flags: TJwKeyFlagSet 
Special decryption flags  
Data: Pointer 
Pointer to the data to be decrypted. The plaintext is also returned in this buffer.  
var DataLen: Cardinal 
The length of the ciphertext. The length of the plaintext is returned here as well. 

This function decrypts a data block. It trashes the encrypted data.

will be raised if the underlying Windows call fails. 
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