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TJwCredentialsPrompt.ShowModal Method
function ShowModal(const CommandLine: boolean = False): boolean;
const CommandLine: boolean = False 
If set to true, the commandline version of credential prompt is used. Currently this feature does not work. 

ShowModal returns true if the credential prompt was closed by OK; otherwise false. If OnConfirmCredential is not nil, the parameter bConfirm will be used as the result.

ShowModal displays a GUI or console credential promp.t

will be raised if the flag cfFlagsExpectConfirmation is set but OnConfirmCredential is nil. will raised if fhe property Flags is invalid! This message comes from a winapi call and does not contain more information 
will be raised if
  • Length of Servername exceeds CREDUI_MAX_DOMAIN_TARGET_LENGTH
  • Length of Servername is zero
  • One or more parameters of CredUIPromptForCredentials are invalid!

will raised if there is no such logon session! This message comes from a winapi call and does not contain more information
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