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TJwComServerSecurity.AccessCheck Method
procedure AccessCheck(const DesiredAccess: DWORD; const SecurityDescriptor: TJwSecurityDescriptor; const GenericMapping: TJwSecurityGenericMappingClass; out AccessGranted: Boolean; out GrantedAccessMask: DWORD);
const DesiredAccess: DWORD 
Receives the access mask set by a client to get access. 
const SecurityDescriptor: TJwSecurityDescriptor 
A security descriptor assigned to the secured object. 
const GenericMapping: TJwSecurityGenericMappingClass 
A mapping class that maps generic access rights to specific ones. It is used by the AccessCheck function to convert generic access rights in the security descriptor. Can be nil.
out AccessGranted: Boolean 
Returns whether access is granted (true) or not (false). This value is only valid if no exception is thrown. 
out GrantedAccessMask: DWORD 
Returns the amount of access rights granted. This value is only valid if no exception is thrown. 

The method TJwComServerSecurity.AccessCheck checks whether the current client's identity.has access regarding the given security descriptor and desired access rights.

The client's impersonation level is cilIdentify or cilAnonymous. These levels don't have any authentication and therefore the client cannot be impersonated.
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