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TJwComProcessSecurity.Initialize Method (TGUID, TJwComAuthenticationCapabilities)
class procedure Initialize(AppID: TGUID; Capabilities: TJwComAuthenticationCapabilities); virtual; overload;

Initialize initializes the process wide security settings for a server process using CoInitializeSecurity and a security descriptor.

This exception will be raised if AuthenticationLevel is calNone 
This exception will be raised if a security descriptor is supplied which does not allow SYSTEM full access. COM cannot work then. This exception can be disabled by setting JwIgnoreHostProcessesInServer to false. 
This exception will be raised if IgnoreProcess is true and the current process' name can be found in global variable JwKnownComHostProcesses
EJwsclCoInitializeNotCalledException CoInitialize was not called or CoInitializeSecurity was already called. You need to call CoInitialize first or call CoUnitialize, CoInitialize and then again this method. 
CoInitializeSecurity reported an error. 
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