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TJwComProcessSecurity.CreateMinimumCOMSecurityDescriptor Method
class function CreateMinimumCOMSecurityDescriptor(const MergeSD: TJwSecurityDescriptor = nil): TJwSecurityDescriptor; virtual;
const MergeSD: TJwSecurityDescriptor = nil 
This parameter defines an additional security descriptor that is used to merge with the default security applied by this method. Only the DACL is merged; other components (User, Group, SACL) are ignored.
Can be nil. 

Returns a TJwSecurityDescriptor class that contains a merged version of both security descriptors. The caller is responsible for freeing this instance.

Creates a security descriptor using minimum access rights to allow SYSTEM and authenticated users to get full control to the class.

The following security descriptor settings are applied.

  • User : Local Administrators (Group)
  • Group : Local Administrators (Group)
  • DACL (The generic and standard rights are not set.):
    • Allow $FFFF (All specific access rights) to Administrators,
    • Allow $FFFF to SYSTEM
    • Allow $FFFF to Authenticated User

If parameter MergeSD is not nil the DACL in the new security descriptor is a still canonical. However, the function will not recognize additional access entries with an existing SID (e.g. SYSTEM). Instead you should consider adapting the existing entries.

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