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TJwComClientSecurity.AuthenticationInfo Property
property AuthenticationInfo: RPC_AUTH_IDENTITY_HANDLE;

MEMBERNAME% contains an information structure depending on the used authentication service (set by property AuthenticationService)

This property is connected to WinNTIdentity if the authentication service is WinNT or Kerberos. In this way the property AuthenticationInfo will receive the AuthenticationInfo handle 

provided by TJwAuthenticationInfo.AuthorizationInfo when created with SetWinNTIdentity


JWSCL supports only WinNT and Kerberos authentication services set by SetWinNTIdentity

Do not write to this structure if authentication service is WinNT or Kerberos.

This property cannot be changed if ReadOnlyProperties is true. Insteadn EJwsclReadOnlyPropertyException will be raised.

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