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TJwAuthZAccessRequest.Create Constructor
constructor Create(DesiredAccess: TJwAccessMask; PrincipalSelfSid: TJwSecurityID; ObjectTypeArray: TJwObjectTypeArray; Data: Pointer; Shared: TJwSharedHandle);
DesiredAccess: TJwAccessMask 
defines which access rights are checked. Can be MAXIMUM_ALLOWED to get highest possible access.  
PrincipalSelfSid: TJwSecurityID 
defines a SID that is used to replace a principle self sid found in an inherited ACE. A principle self SID (S-1-5-10) in a ACE will be replaced by this property SID.
ObjectTypeArray: TJwObjectTypeArray 
defines an array of object properties. The Level of the objects must comply to some rules.  
Data: Pointer 
defines user data that is supplied to the request in the OptionalData member,  
Shared: TJwSharedHandle 
is not used.

Create creates a new request instance.

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