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TJwAuthZAccessReply.Error Property
property Error: TJwCardinalArray;

Error defines an array of at least one element that contains the error result of the access check. Values are from http://msdn2.microsoft.com/en-us/library/aa376321(VS.85).aspx 

  • ERROR_SUCCESS All the access bits, not including MAXIMUM_ALLOWED, are granted and the GrantedAccessMask member is not zero.
  • ERROR_PRIVILEGE_NOT_HELD DesiredAccess includes ACCESS_SYSTEM_SECURITY and the client does not have SeSecurityPrivilege.
  • ERROR_ACCESS_DENIED Includes each of the following:
    • The requested bits are not granted.
    • MaximumAllowed bit is on and granted access is zero.
    • DesiredAccess is zero.

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