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TJwAuthResourceManager.Create Constructor
const Name: WideString 
defines a user defined name of the manager  
Flags: TJwAuthZResourceManagerFlags 
defines a set of options how to create the manager. If the set is empty the default value is [authRM_NoAudit].
See TJwAuthZResourceManagerFlags for more information  
const OnAuthzComputeGroupsCallback: TJwOnAuthzComputeGroupsCallback 
defines a callback function that is called to retrieve more groups for an access check. Groups allocated in this method callback should be freed in OnAuthzFreeGroupsCallback. However the constructor does not enforce it.
const OnAuthzAccessCheckCallback: TJwOnAuthzAccessCheckCallback 
is called everytime TJwAuthContext.AccessCheck encounters a callback ACE. Hint: Be aware that JWSCL does not provide callback access control entries at this time.

Create create a resource manager instance that is used to create one or more instances of TJwAuthContext


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