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TJwAuthContext.CreateBySid Constructor
constructor CreateBySid(const ResourceManager: TJwAuthResourceManager; Flags: TAuthZSidContextFlags; const Sid: TJwSecurityId; const ExpirationTime: Int64; const DynamicGroupArgs: Pointer); overload;
const ResourceManager: TJwAuthResourceManager 
defines a resource manager instance. Must not be nil.  
Flags: TAuthZSidContextFlags 
defines options how the context is created. See flags parameter on http://msdn2.microsoft.com/en-us/library/aa376309.aspx for more information  
const Sid: TJwSecurityId 
Defines the user who is used to perform the access check with  
const ExpirationTime: Int64 
not used  
const DynamicGroupArgs: Pointer 
is a used defined pointer that is passed to a call to TJwAuthResourceManager.OnAuthzComputeGroupsCallback 

CreateBySid creates an authentication context from a Sid. 


will be raised if a call to AuthzInitializeContextFromSid failed. If GetLastError returns ERROR_INVALID_BLOCK, the reason is because a callback data block (TJwCallbackData) is invalid. This can only happen if someone changed the internal instance data.
will be raised if parameter ResourceManager or Sid is nil 
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