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JwShellExecute Function
function JwShellExecute(const hWnd: HWND; FileName: TJwString; Parameters: TJwString; Directory: TJwString; ShowCmd: Integer; Flags: TJwShellExecuteFlags = [sefNoClosehProcess]): HANDLE;

The return value contains the instance of the newly created app. The function returns before the new application has started therfore the app can fail. If ShellExecute determines an error the return value is 0 and an exception is raised.

JwShellExecute runs a process with elevated privileges in Windows Vista. If the current is already elevated the function simply opens the given filename. The verb of shellexecute cannot be changed. 

This function only works on Windows Vista and newer OS versions. 


will be raised if a call to ShellExecuteEx failed EJwsclUnsupportedWindowsVersionException will be raised if the flag sefIgnoreElevationIfNotAvailable is set and UAC is not available 
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