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JwMsgWaitForMultipleObjects Function
function JwMsgWaitForMultipleObjects(const Handles: array of THandle; bWaitAll: LongBool; dwMilliseconds: DWord; dwWakeMask: DWord): DWord; overload;
const Handles: array of THandle 
This parameter receives an array of Handles. You can be either create an array type of THandle or use set operators "[" and "]" containing a comma separated list of handle variables.  
bWaitAll: LongBool 
Set to true to let the function wait for all given handles until it returns; otherwise it returns as soon as at least one handle state is signaled.  
dwMilliseconds: DWord 
Defines a timeout interval that exits the function when elapsed. Set to constant INFINITE (-1) to ignore timeouts.  
dwWakeMask: DWord 
See MsgWaitForMultipleObjects (http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ms684242.aspx) in MSDN for more information.

Returns a status code. See MsgWaitForMultipleObjects (http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ms684242.aspx) in MSDN for more information.

JwMsgWaitForMultipleObjects encapsulates MsgWaitForMultipleObjects using an open array parameter. The function should be used to make sure that window messages are processed. In this way windows are responsible. This function returns if such a message is received. 


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