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JwFormatAccessRights Function
function JwFormatAccessRights(const Access: Cardinal; RightsMapping: Array of TJwRightsMapping): TJwString; overload;
RightsMapping: Array of TJwRightsMapping 
defines a map structure that maps between constants and strings (e.g. JwsclConstants.FileMapping
defines an array of access masks. Each array element will get its own column (zero based). 

Returns the access mask with its rights states. Each line is separated by a line break (#13#10)

JwFormatAccessRights creates a formatted string that splits up an access mask into its rights constants. The constants can be named if parameter RightsMapping is used. 

Each line contains a checkbox that defines whether the access mask contains this specifc right or not. Furthermore it contains the name of the right. Lines may look like this:

'[X] <Name of access rights>'#13#10  for a access right that is set
'[ ] <Name of access rights>'#13#10  for a access right that is not set
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