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JwCreateFileHash Function
function JwCreateFileHash(const FilePath: WideString): TJwFileHashData;
const FilePath: WideString 
Defines a path to a file that is used to calculate a hash.  

The return value is a record that holds the hash data. The returned pointer member "hash" in TJwFileHashData must be freed by TJwHash.FreeBuffer (unit JwsclCryptProvider.pas). 

raise EJwsclFileMappingException see TJwFileStreamEx.Create for more information. EJwsclSecurityException There can be other exceptions raised by TJwHash.Create, TJwHash.HashData and TJwHash.RetrieveHash.

JwCreateFileHash creates a hash from a given file and returns the hash. 


  • This function uses TJwFileStreamEx for getting hash in the fastest way possible.
  • This function uses SHA hashing.

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