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TJwComClientSecurity Properties

The properties of the TJwComClientSecurity class are listed here.

MEMBERNAME% contains an information structure depending on the used authentication service (set by property AuthenticationService
The property AuthenticationLevel define when authentication is done. This value is from type TJwComAuthenticationLevel
MEMBERNAME% contains the authentication service. This is one of the enumerations listed in TJwComAuthenticationService
Defines the type of authorization that should be used. The type is TJwComAuthorizationService
Defines a set of TJwComAuthenticationCapability flags that are used in COM calls for various reasons. 
MEMBERNAME% is used in two ways:  
The property Proxy holds a copy of the proxy interface used by the class to get or set security information. 
The property ReadOnlyProperties returns the readonly state of the properties. 
The property ServerPrincipalName defines the name defined in the first call to CoInitializeSecurity
Contains the windows identity structure set by SetWinNTIdentity
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